Junior Training/Beginners 

* Experience Level: Beginner or newer to volleyball training, All Ages

*  Skills Covered: All Fundamentals - Slow highly detailed and instructed reps


Junior Academy Offered in 4 week sessions/program 

*  Experience Level: Beginner or age 8-12 - Uses 12U lite volleyballs 

*  Skills Covered:  All Fundamentals - progressing to live play

Each session is intended to be a progression of the previous

*  How to Sign up:  Use the Sign Up Calendar and select the first of the four sessions.  This enrolls you for the entire 4-week academy

Private Lessons

*  Experience Level: Any

*  Skills Covered: Tailored to Athlete's Goals

I also offer private lessons for 2 or 3 athletes at a time, if you have siblings or friends that you enjoy training with  

Each private lesson is individualized per athlete's request.  

Small Group Training

*  Experience Level: Any

*  Skills Covered: Tailor to Group's Skill Set and goals

*  How to Sign Up:  Reach out to Coach Jen by phone or email to schedule

One of my favorite ways to train!  Having 4-8 kids of a similar skill set and putting skills to use off "live" play is extremely beneficial!  Each group is trained on what they would like to focus on.  Emphasizing real play reaction which showcases their skills and areas of further needed instruction. 

You may build your own small group or often I will place athletes together and recommend a group of athletes that I think would make a good group.

Group Training

**  Compared to the small group training, these sessions are larger, with 12-18 athletes in each class  

These classes are FUN, ran as fast paced as the group can handle and instructed to work on technique with partners and in group situations.  You will receive a lot of quality reps during these group sessoins!  

Classes offered in Group Training include:

Junior Training

* Experience Level: Beginner or newer to volleyball training

This class is for ALL AGES and offers beginners or even newer athletes the opportunity to slow down, getting highly detailed and instructed reps.  

Hitters Training

*  Experience Level: Intermediate and Advanced

*  Skills Covered:  Hitting, Approach work, blocking

A Little Bit of Everything

* Experience Level:  Intermediate and Advanced

*  Skills Covered:  Passing, Setting, Hitting, Serving and live play


*  Experience:  Intermediate and Advanced

*  Skills Covered: Setting and setters footwork

Serve/Serve Receive

*  Experience:  Intermediate and Advanced

Skills Covered:  Serving and Serve Receive Drills and live play

Bros, DS, Back row Work

*  Experience Level:  Advanced (13+ w2+ seasons of club ball and previous training with Coach Jen)

*  Sills Covered:  Defense, Diving, Serve receive, all things back row 

Open Gym

*  Experience Level:  Advanced 

*  Skills Covered:  Live Play, Live 6v6 drills 


Please refer to the sign up genius and select the appropriate slot to further advance your skills!  

If there is an age group requirement please select accordingly.


Often during any of these groups I will inform you what groups/sessions I believe will best help your athlete fully reach their potential which may mean older athletes coming to younger clinics or younger athletes coming to older clinics.  I will always provide and honest evaluation.